About Jay

Cloud & Smarter InfrastructureIBM TRIRIGA Information Developer at IBM.
XML guardian. P90X graduate. K-pop geek.
Braving the bright blue bubble.
My views are my own.

Hi, my name is Jay, and I’m an IBM TRIRIGA information developer at IBM. I’ve been a technical writer and editor of software, hardware, and training content since 1996. I’ve also written enterprise-class IWMS content for TRIRIGA from 2005 until its acquisition by IBM in 2011. Currently, in 2017, I’m a member of the IBM TRIRIGA software team under the IBM Watson Internet of Things business unit.

I’m familiar with editing HTML, CSS, DITA-XML, DOCX, XLSX, ODT, PDF, PSD, SVG, MP3, and MP4. My familiarity with the IBM TRIRIGA applications and platform includes my certification as an IBM Certified Application Developer on the TRIRIGA Application Platform Version 3.2. I also run several WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook communities. My latest WordPress experiment is TRIRIGAFEEDIA.


I grew up with a predilection for science, mathematics, drawing, and those ubiquitous LEGO blocks, building anything from racing cars to Star Wars fighters and transports. Beginning my college career in Architecture and Psychology, I somehow ended up with a degree in Civil Engineering. Bouncing around from my home state of New York to Cleveland, I inevitably settled in Las Vegas in 1998.

Tinkering with web design, enduring some data entry, suffering brief stints as a licensed Realtor, and experiencing the IBM acquisition of TRIRIGA as a technical writer/editor in 2011, I thankfully work as an IBM TRIRIGA information developer. In my extracurricular waking hours, I unabashedly play as an evolving aficionado of Korean pop culture, Japanese anime, and other Asian entertainment.


April 2010. Las Vegas.

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