Finding the pulse on reservations

Finding the pulse on reservations and reservable resources

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Now that IBM Pulse 2013 is upon us, a big blue wave of business travelers will flow into Las Vegas. You know what that means? An accompanying rush of readied car rental reservations, hotel reservations, and meal reservations!

With reservations in mind, do you currently use an IBM® TRIRIGA® workplace management product but still want to cut space costs and boost resource utilization even more? Have you tried workplace reservation management? The IBM TRIRIGA reservation product is designed to interconnect with your existing IBM TRIRIGA real estate and facilities products seamlessly.

IBM TRIRIGA Reservations

IBM TRIRIGA Reservations

Here are a few articles and topics to get you started.

Waiter, I’ll Need A Workplace For Two: Reserve Spaces Via IBM TRIRIGA

What do we mean by simple, consistent, and intuitive? Ideally, the reservation process would be possible using the familiar, everyday platform of the user’s choice—whether that means the Web, via any standard browser, or Microsoft Outlook, the leading collaboration platform in use by organizations today. And IBM TRIRIGA does indeed support both. Personal preferences are preserved; this way, the system will check to see if a user’s favorite workstation is available first, before looking elsewhere—and if it’s not available then (just as with a restaurant), the user can get on a waiting list. Or, if the user needs to choose from among several different options to decide which is best, perhaps because a different site than usual is being visited, a catalog is available that includes photos and floor plans, to help clarify matters.

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Scenario: Creating reservations in Microsoft Outlook

Company ABC is employing the IBM® TRIRIGA® Workplace Reservation Manager application and its integration with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook. Anita Assistant is a Microsoft Outlook user who is asked to create a reservation for two rooms that require food and equipment services.

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Managing reservations and reservable resources

You can use the IBM® TRIRIGA® Workplace Reservation Manager application to manage the reservations of shared rooms such as meeting spaces and workspaces, shared equipment such as projectors, and shared vehicles. You can request a reservation as a self service user, create a reservation as a help desk agent, and process requests as an event center coordinator. You can incorporate service providers such as food service vendors, and work tasks such as room setup, room breakdown, equipment delivery, and equipment pickup. For added flexibility in reserving rooms, you can also integrate the application with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

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Integrating IBM TRIRIGA with Microsoft Exchange

To integrate the IBM® TRIRIGA® Workplace Reservation Manager application with Microsoft Exchange, you must configure connections in Microsoft Exchange and properties in IBM TRIRIGA. To use the reservation features in the IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reservation Manager application, you can install the IBM TRIRIGA reservation add-in for Microsoft Outlook. When the add-in is installed, you can reserve available meeting spaces, workspaces, equipment, and vehicles.

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IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reservation Manager (product page)

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